Free delivery within a 50 KM radius


We deliver the bike ourselves and help you to get used to your new electric bike. Delivery is free within a 50km radius of our shops. Please contact us if you wish to confirm the time and place of delivery.


Your future electric bicycle is shipped by carrier and leaves our warehouses after having been checked for its good working order in a reinforced packaging in order to preserve its integrity during transport. Any alteration of this condition on arrival of the product cannot be attributed to our responsibility. Any defect noted following receipt must be notified to the carrier by letter with acknowledgement of receipt within three days of delivery. The reservations made will enable Energy Bike to assert its rights against the carrier, and consequently yours.

In-store pick-up

Your online order also allows you to pick up your new purchase directly in one of our shops. This will allow you to meet our team and the valuable advice they can give you.

Satisfaction & Guarantee